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You look for the best in class recommendations for your followers. There is a lot of stuff out there and as a small business it’s awfully hard to test it all. You need to retain your followers and keep the content flowing.  Your readers trust you.

There is a lot of uncertainty out there this last year.  

“Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Amherst Pierpont Securities LLC, said December retail sales were “an absolute disaster.”  Retail, and even online sales declined in December 2020.  

Put it simply, retail stinks.

But one bright spot is personal care products where sales increases 27%.

You got to take care of yourself, even if you do it yourself. 

What if you sponsor the best curated foot care products available?  Products that are proven to work on real people.  Our mission is to keep people moving.

How we sell:

  • Selecting only effective products that have been tested in a clinical setting.
  • Integrity of mission:  Foot care is essential to overall health and longevity.  If your feet hurt you don’t move.
  • Accurate medical information about foot care and the tips, tricks and hacks you’ve heard about.
  • Seeing where the stars align:  Health, beauty and comfort are not independent goals.  They integrate and intersect.  

You want to have integrity.

You want to make money.

It’s a win win.

Join us.